Art Exhibition Season Ticket

Art Exhibition Season Ticket



[002676] [Art Exhibition Season Ticket]. Season Ticket. For Evenings Only. West of Scotland Academy’s Exhibition of Paintings. MDCCCLII. Glasgow: Allan & Ferguson, 1852. First Edition. 48mo (Oblong). Unbound. Ticket. Good. Single sided lithographic ticket, approximately 125mm x 90mm in size.

Lightly soiled, corners of reverse lightly glue stained, reverse with (presumably) unrelated faint writing to centre of card ‘Officers of the Royal South Devonshire Regiment of Militia Request the Honor of’.

The West of Scotland Academy (184?-1886) was a “resurrection of the old Glasgow Dilettanti Society … the principle promoters were John Mossman (see McEwan, ‘Dictionary of Scottish Art & Architecture’, page 419) the sculptor and J.A. Hutchison (drawing master at Glasgow HS, see McEwan, page 290) who was elected Secretary … In 1886, the success of the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts (RGI) and difficulty over accommodation proved too difficult to resolve causing the Academy to be finally wound up, its funds and library being donated to the RGI” (McEwan, page 602).

For the printers [David] Allan and [William] Ferguson, see SBTI and Worms and Baynton-Williams, pages 14-15