Castle Combe Association

Castle Combe Association for the Prevention of Robberies and Thefts


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[001928] [Castle Combe Association for the Prevention of Robberies and Thefts]. Castle Combe Association for the Prevention of Robberies and Thefts, and for the Protection of Persons and Property. Calne: Baily, First Edition. Elephant Folio. Unbound. Broadside. Good. Printed, single sided broadside, approximately 240mm x 390mm in size, n.d. c.1815?

Couple of small chips to foot with small amount of loss, ‘1171’ typed to foot of reverse, otherwise quite bright and clean.

Broadside showing the reward money available for the successful prosecution, (half on commitment and half on conviction), of offenders, including £5 5s for murder, setting fire to grain, or maiming livestock, and 10s 6d for breaking gates or stealing turnips, 10s 6d was also available for ‘any other offence, amounting to larceny, not hereinbefore particularized’.

The members listed include the author William Scrope who wrote ‘The Art of Deerstalking’ and ‘Days and Nights Salmon Fishing in the Tweed’.

The laid paper has a watermark, but I have been unable to locate it in either Heawood or Churchill.

These Associations, largely existing between 1780-1850, “were private institutions, made up of local property-owners, who came together to form an organization and raise a fund in order to find, arrest, and prosecute, at common expense, offenders against themselves and their property” (Philips in Hay and Snyder, ‘Policing and Prosecution in Britain 1750-1850, page 118).

They eventually went into decline after the establishment of the Metropolitan Police in 1829, the passing of the 1839 Rural Police Act and finally the County and Borough Police Act of 1856, which made it compulsory for all counties to have their own police force if they did not already have one