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Fragment of a Prescription


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[001357] Guillotin, Joseph-Ignace. Fragment of a Prescription. No Place: No Publisher, 1807. First Edition. 48mo (Oblong). Unbound. Ephemera. Signed by Author. Good. A fragment of a manuscript prescription signed by Guillotin, approximately 205mm x 85mm in size.

Lightly browned and slightly creased, with a few small chips to edges, but generally fairly clean with a nice clear signature.

Guillotin “did not invent the guillotine, did not die by the guillotine, and all his life futilely tried to detach his name from the height reducer” (Dictionary of Eponyms).

Guillotin became associated with the machine after proposing a more humane manner of despatching those who had been sentenced to death, but it was in fact invented by Dr. Antoine Louis, secretary of the Academy of Medicine, and was originally known as the Louisette, indeed Louis fell victim to his invention during the Reign of Terror.

Guillotin died in his bed in 1814