Friendly Societies in Norfolk



[003447] Fellowes, John. The Formation and Government of Friendly Societies in Norfolk. Shirehouse: No Publisher, 1826. First Edition. Folio. Paper Covers. Pamphlet. Good. 6pp, original paper wrappers.

Slightly creased, browned, especially to edges and final page, otherwise fairly clean.

A report from a Committee set up to examine the Formation and Government of Friendly Societies or Institutions in Norfolk, relating to the Catton and Rockland Friendly Societies. The Committee was particularly exercised by the rules of the Societies which required meetings to be held in public houses, with “a certain sum to be expended on Liquor by every Member, whether he attends or not, and the Meetings not to separate till all the Liquor has been consumed – practices which cannot fail to be productive of the worst consequences to the community at large … and other most injurious effects to their Members, and defeat the benevolent purposes for which they were originally formed”. The current rules of Friendly Societies are then listed, with the Committee’s recommended additional rules following (including “That no publican shall hold any office in a Friendly Society”)