Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind


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[003036] [Anti-Nuclear Poster]. Gone With the Wind. ill. Houston, John and Light, Bob. London: Socialist Worker, First Edition? Atlas Folio. Unbound. Poster. Very Good. Single sided printed offset lithographic poster, approximately 450mm x 640mm in size, n.d. c.1981?

Blu-tack marks to corners of reverse, otherwise quite bright and clean.

Originally designed and used as a lower cover for the Christmas issue of ‘Socialist Worker’ in 1980, this parody of the original Gone With the Wind poster became probably the most successful of all SWP productions.

This is the single colour version, and slightly larger than the two colour version in this catalogue. This cataloguer vaguely remembers reading somewhere that the two colour version came after the single colour version, but can no longer remember (or indeed confirm) that this is the case.

The IWM has this version and size