Great Demonstration in Hyde Park

Great Demonstration in Hyde Park


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[002864] [Labour Demonstration Commemorative Tissue]. Souvenir in Commemoration of the Great Demonstration in Hyde Park to Welcome the ‘Nine Labour Leaders’. No Place: No Publisher, 1914. First Edition. Folio. Unbound. Commemorative Tissue. Good. Printed single sided tissue, approximately 375mm x 365mm in size.

Printers ink marks to head, spots of foxing to foot, couple of small nicks and tears with minor creasing, names of several of the ‘leaders’ slightly faint but with no loss of sense.

Commemorating a large gathering of trade unionists, supporting white South African trade unionists, where some “half a million workers marched to demonstrate solidarity with nine trade union leaders who had been deported by Jan Smuts. These unions insisted on the exclusion of Black and Asian workers” (Schwarz, The White Man’s World, page 156)