Members Gallery Ticket for Wesley's City Road Chapel

Gallery Ticket for Wesley’s Chapel


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[002772] [Wesleyan Chapel Ticket]. Members Gallery Ticket for Wesley’s City Road Chapel. No Place: Tyler (Sculp.), 1839. First Edition. 64mo (Oblong). Unbound. Ticket. Good+. Single sided engraved ticket, approximately 80mm x 55mm in size, n.p. but almost certainly London.

Very lightly browned to edges, reverse with remnants of coloured paper where removed from an album. Dated 1839, but the design will be earlier as the final digit in the year is left blank (so 1830 or even earlier), this being numbered 84.

The front seats around the gallery of the City Road Chapel were “reserved for Ministers who are Members of the Society, and who will be admitted to them by Tickets, for which they are requested to apply at the Mission-House, Austin Friars, on the preceding Tuesday and Wednesday”, (Missionary Chronicle of the London Missionary Society, 1829), this presumably being one of those tickets, though issued for the year rather than the week.

Attractively produced, engraved by Tyler