Note on Relief of Poor of Tinwell


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[003494] Holcott, Edw.[ard] et al. Note on the Relief of the Poor in Tinwell [Rutland]. Tinwell, Rutland: No Publisher, 1790. First Edition. 8vo. Unbound. Note. Fair. Single sided manuscript note, approximately 165mm x 210mm in size.

Browned, creased from old folds, otherwise fairly clean.

Manuscript note signed by the Mayor of Tinwell, Edw.[ard] Holcott and others, noting that the parish overseers had met and that twenty pounds had been left by Mr ?Allington in his will for the relief of the poor there. The note is also signed by Rich.[ard] Knowles, the Reverend of Tinwell.

Tinwell is a small village in Rutland