Orange Ballad



[003521] [Orange Ballad]. The Murder of M’Briars. Belfast: J. Nicholson, Unknown. 4to. Unbound. Ballad Slip. Good. Single sided printed ballad, approximately 95mm x 255mm in size, n.d. c.1885.

Browned, otherwise clean.

Printed on cheap thin paper by J. Nicholson, whose imprint line advertises ‘Orange Ball and Soiree Cards Printed neatly’.

Date is taken from the only copy in JISC at TCD.

The Irish Traditional Music Archive, which also has a copy, describes Nicholson as the “last of the substantial ballad-sheet printers of the city, flourished from the late 1880s to the late 1910s. During these decades, he occupied the Cheapside Song House, premises at 24 or 26 Church Lane in the city, from which he also sold songbooks, some of them of his own printing. Nicholson’s product was sold across Ulster, and especially in counties Down and Antrim. His core market was loyalist and orange”