Pigs Meat

Pigs Meat


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[002891] [Caricature]. Pigs Meat; or the Swine Flogged Out of the Farm Yard. ill. Starcke, Carl After Gillray, James. Weimar: London und Paris Magazine, Reprint. 12mo (Oblong). Unbound. Caricature. Good. Hand coloured engraved caricature, approximately 230mm x 175mm in size, n.d. c.1798.

Trimmed quite closely, light creasing from original folds, lightly browned, remnants of paper to corners of reverse where once attached in an album, otherwise fairly bright and clean. Without the verses published underneath on the original.

Caricature by Gillray, originally published in June 1798 by H.[annah] Humphrey, this was reproduced by Carl Starcke for the ‘London und Paris’ magazine, which appeared eight times a year in octavo between 1798 and 1815, with each issue consisting of three parts, opening with articles from London, then Paris and a third, satirical, part comprising English and French political caricatures (See Deuling, ‘Aesthetics and Politics in the Journal London und Paris (1798-1815)’ in Oergel (Ed), ‘(Re-) Writing the Radical – Enlightenment, Revolution and Cultural Transfer in 1790s Germany, Britain and France’, pages 102-118).

The caricature shows Pitt and Dundas (in tartan) driving the Opposition, shown as pigs, including Fox, the Duke of Bedford and M.A. Taylor, from the farm yard. John Bull looks on from the left, with a notice attached to the fence post about the London Corresponding Society.

The use of pigs (swine) relates to Burke’s infamous phrase the ‘swinish multitude’