Tea receipt

Receipt for Tea


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[001866] [Receipt for Tea]. Bought of White and Smith at the Golden Canister in Pall Mall. London: No Publisher, 1776. First Edition. 32mo (Oblong). Unbound. Receipt / Invoice. Good. Part printed, part manuscript receipt, approximately 210mm x 110mm in size.

Slightly browned, with minor creasing from old folds, otherwise clean.

Date 13th December 1776, made out to the Right Honourable Earl of Bristol, this is a receipt for ‘Finest Hyson Tea’, with a signature for White and Smith to the foot.

Possibly Superior Hyson Skin Tea, described in the Naval Chronicle of 1815 as “hyson tea a year or more old, which, after undergoing the process of tatching, repeatedly, is brought to market a second time; its appearance is much darker than hyson with less bloom on it. Its smell is somewhat musty, and the taste has more of that brassy flavour peculiar to green teas, without the delicate aromatic taste of good hyson; on infusion, the water is darker coloured, and with less fragrance than hyson”