Revolt Against Capitalism


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[003718] [Spartacus League] The Revolt Against Capitalism Needs Revolutionaries – Come to the Spartacus League National Conference London February 20 21. London: Spartacus League, First Edition. Elephant Folio (Oblong). Unbound. Poster. Fair. Single sided printed poster, approximately 620mm x 445mm in size, n.d.

Lacking bottom left hand corner, with small amount of loss to image, slightly creased to top edge, one or two tiny spots of soiling, but generally quite bright and clean

The Spartacist League was formed in March/April 1978, so the earliest this can be is 1979. Founded as the British section of the international Spartacist tendency (iSt) as a fusion between the London Spartacist Group and the Trotskyist Faction, which itself had split from the Workers Socialist League, the fusion was hailed (by its own paper) as the ‘rebirth of British Trotskyism’, but is unlikely that it ever numbered more than a few dozen members