Sendschreiben an das Ministerium Camphausen

Sendschreiben an das Ministerium Camphausen


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[002967] Hersch, Isaac Moses. Isaac Moses Hersch’s Sendschreiben an das Ministerium Camphausen uber den neuen Vertassungs-Entworf und andre Tachen [Letters to the Ministry of Camphausen on the New Deforestation and other Matters]. Berlin: S. Lowenherz, 1848. First Edition. Elephant Folio. Unbound. Broadside. Good. Single sided printed broadside, approximately 330mm x 450mm in size.

Creased to edges and from old folds, lightly browned generally with slightly darker browning along central horizontal fold, a few spots of light foxing, small ink number ‘104’ to top left hand corner.

Hersch “published a series of revolutionary newsletters in a mixture of Yiddish and Berlin dialect for the benefit of those who stood on the barricades” (See Elon, The Pity of It All: A Portrait of Jews in Germany 1743-1993). The Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin has a copy of those catalogued under Satirisches Flugblatt (Satirical flyer).

Ludolf Camphausen was a “leader of the Vormarz liberal opposition … [and at the time of this publication] prime minister of Prussia. Appointed by the king in April 1848, his efforts to lead a moderately liberal ministry collapsed between the opposition of reactionary court circles and pressure of the leftists in the Prussian National Assembly and in the streets of Berlin” (Sperber, Rhineland Radicals – The Democratic Movement and the Revolution of 1848-1849, page 220). He was also the target of several attacks by Karl Marx in Neue Rheinische Zeitung