Wolfe Tone silhouette

Silhouette of Wolfe Tone


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[001356] [Ireland – Silhouette]. Silhouette of Wolfe Tone. No Place: No Publisher, First Edition. 8vo. Framed and Glazed. Silhouette. Good. A framed and glazed silhouette of Wolfe Tone in a black stained mourning frame, n.d. ?early nineteenth century, with a small metal hanging hook made up of an acorn and leaves.

The hanging hook is discoloured and slightly loose, wooden frame rubbed, white paper backing the silhouette is slightly soiled and creased, the silhouette itself is undamaged, with Wolfe Tone written in pencil beneath. The backing paper has been damaged and is torn with a small amount of loss.

The silhouette is similar in some respects to the miniature of Tone in French uniform by Catherine Anne Tone, but is not taken exactly from it.

See E. Nevill Jackson was the ‘History of Silhouettes’.

Theobald Wolfe Tone (1763-1798), was a Protestant member of the United Irishmen, and is generally acknowledged as the ‘father’ of modern Irish republicanism, for Tone see Elliotts ‘Wolfe Tone – Prophet of Irish Independence’