Tottenham Park Association Annual Meeting

Tottenham Park Association Annual Meeting



[002927] Tottenham Park Association for the Protection of Persons and Property and the Prosecution of Felons and Other Offenders. Tottenham Park Association Annual Meeting. Marlborough: Harold and Emberlin, 1822. First Edition. 4to (Oblong). Unbound. Broadside. Good. Printed single-sided broadside, approximately 270mm x 230mm in size.

Lightly browned, creasing from old folds, otherwise fairly bright.

These Associations, largely existing between 1780-1850, “were private institutions, made up of local property-owners, who came together to form an organization and raise a fund in order to find, arrest, and prosecute, at common expense, offenders against themselves and their property” (Philips in Hay and Snyder, ‘Policing and Prosecution in Britain 1750-1850, page 118)

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