Workers' Control pamphlets

Workers’ Control Pamphlets


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[002973] [Workers Control]. Small Collection of Pamphlets on Workers’ Control. Various: Various, First Edition. 8vo. Card Covers. Pamphlet. Good. A collection of nineteen pamphlets on workers’ control or industrial democracy, various sizes, dates and places, original card and paper covers, mainly 8vo in size, but a couple smaller.

Includes – Murray, ‘UCS – The Fight for the Right to Work‘, 1971; Coates, ‘The Quality of Life and Workers’ Control‘, 1972; Hadley, ‘Rowen, South Wales‘, 1970; LRD, ‘Industrial Democracy – A Trade Unionist’s Guide‘, 1976; Benn, Morrell and Cripps, ‘A Ten-Year Industrial Strategy for Britain‘, n.d. c.1974; Clarke, ‘Sit-In at Fisher-Bendix‘, n.d. c.1974; Labour Party, ‘Industrial Democracy – Working Party Report‘, 1967; Coates and Topham, ‘Catching Up With the Times: How Far the TUC got the Message About Workers’ Control‘, 1973 and Bristol Aircraft Workers, ‘A New Approach to Public Ownership‘, 1972