Sombre Bindings [2]


Another example of a sombre binding (though strictly speaking a semi-sombre binding as it has a gilt roll to inner edges), this one with a panel design, on an interesting book, Sturt’s Common Prayer.

Sturt’s Common Prayer is engraved throughout (it was actually engraved on silver plates), with a volvelle on page five to ‘find all the moveable Sundays in the year’.

Sturt was apprenticed to White, himself a pupil of Loggan’s, and was well known for his miniature work, “it was said that he could engrave the creed on a silver penny, a claim amply reinforced by his best-known works: engraved versions of the Book of Common Prayer and of Laurence Howell’s The Orthodox Communicant, published respectively by subscription in 1717 and 1721. The first of these books, executed on 188 silver plates adorned with borders and vignettes, had a frontispiece portrait of King George I, the lines for which were composed of the creed, the Lord’s prayer, the ten commandments, a prayer for the royal family, and Psalm 21, all inscribed in minute characters” [See picture below] (ODNB)