Britons Attend! Your Country Calls!



[002884] A Briton. Britons Attend! Your Country Calls! Newcastle: D. Bass, First Edition. Folio. Unbound. Broadside. Good. Single sided printed broadside, approximately 225mm x 335mm in size, n.d. c.1803?

Trimmed to edges, otherwise fairly bright and clean.

Printed by D.[avid] Bass, Foot of Pilgrim Street, Newcastle, where he was based from 1801-1811. Bass printed chapbooks and other ephemera, including pornography and became bankrupt in 1811 (See Hunt, ‘The Book Trade in Northumberland and Durham to 1860’, pages 8-9).

Probably printed in response to the threat of invasion by Bonaparte (“the Gallic despot”).

Not in COPAC