Garde Republicaine Band Visit to England


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[002843] [Garde Republicaine Band]. Souvenir in Commemoration of the Garde Republicaine Band Visit to England – Entente Cordiale. London: Burgess, First Edition. Folio. Unbound. Commemorative Tissue. Good. Printed, single sided tissue, approximately 355mm x 355mm in size, n.d. c.1906?

Missing a piece about five inches in length to top right hand corner / side, a few spots of light foxing, otherwise fairly bright.

Flower corner pieces, overprinted with images of British soldiers, with text beneath. The band is part of the Gendarmerie.

[Sarah] Burgess specialised in the printing of these commemorative tissues, generally the decorative borders were printed in Japan, with the overprinting which was “commonly primitive … and display a … disregard for niceties of typography and spelling” (Rickards, page 221) done locally