Granville A.L.S.



[002960] Granville, Augustus Bozzi. A.L.S. To Unnamed Recipient. London: No Publisher, 1831. First Edition. 12mo. Unbound. Letter. Signed by Author. Good. Single page autograph letter signed, approximately 115mm x 180mm in size.

Evidence of removal from an album to left hand side, with slight remnants of paper to the front and glue residue to the reverse, a couple of small spots to text but not affecting sense.

Dated 27th November, [18]31, and sent from 1 Curzon Street, Mayfair, Granville states, “Hi, Since my letter of the 20th I succeeded in finding a copy of my work on the Royal Society for which 5/m? ?inquired. Should you desire to ?copy it, please send as many stamps, and I will see it is transmitted to you either by Bookpost or Railway parcel delivery. ?Remain ??? for ?French. A.B. Granville”.

Augustus Bozzi Granville MD, FRS (born Augusto Bozzi, 1783-1872) was a physician, writer, and Italian patriot.

The book referred to in this letter is Science Without a Head, or the Royal Society Dissected, published anonymously by Granville in 1830, his contribution to the debate over the decline of science in England generated by Charles Babbage.

For Granville see Alex Sakula, Augustus Bozzi Granville (1783-1872): London Physician-Accoucheur and Italian Patriot in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, Volume 76, October 1983, pages 876-882)