Lamentation of the Young Lord


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[003684] [Edinburgh Election Satire] Lamentation of the Young Lord & King Ldar [sic]. Edinburgh: Alexander Dunbar. First Edition. Elephant Folio. Unbound. Broadside. Good. Single sided printed broadside, approximately 175mm 410mm in size, n.d. but 1835

Lightly browned, slightly creased, one or two tiny nicks to edges, but generally fairly bright

The printer, Alexander Dunbar, doesn’t appear in the SBTI, but is possibly the son of the Alexander Dunbar (fl. 1763), mentioned as a ‘running stationer’ (ie. street hawker of books and pamphlets] in the SBTI

The broadside is a satire on the Conservative candidates James Andrew Broun-Ramsay and John Learmonth, who were comfortably defeated in the Edinburgh election of 1835 by the Whigs, John Campbell and James Abercromby. Abercromby later became speaker of the House of Commons, and then a lord, and his seat was then won by Thomas Babington Macauley

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