Patent Roller Pump Broadside


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[002991] [Patent Roller Pump]. Improved Method of Raising Water, By Rangeley, Dixson & Co.’s Patent Roller Pump. London: Thorowgood, F., First Edition. Elephant Folio. Unbound. Broadside. Good. Printed single sided broadside, approximately 325mm x 415mm in size, n.d. c. 1818.

Lightly browned and foxed, lightly creased from old folds, minor chipping to edges, especially bottom edge, but without any loss to images or text.

The printer was almost certainly F.[rederick] Thorowgood, printing from 42 Wood Street, Cheapside, London (fl. 1810-1834, see BBTI).

Rangeley, Doxson and Co. were based in Stone, Staffordshire, and their partnership was dissolved in 1821 (Grace’s Guide).

Not in COPAC.

According to the manufacturers “the advantage of this pump consists in its convenience and simplicity … being wrought by a rotary, instead of a reciprocating motion, (as in the common pump) whereby it is constantly at work, raising water with a continual stream, and not subject to loss of power and waste of water … which renders it pre-eminently adapted to the draining of mines”. They go on to add that “as a fire engine, it will be found of great use, requiring little force, being in a small compass and portable form … It is adapted to water-works, breweries, distilleries, soap manufactories … also for a forcing pump to supply cisterns or reservoirs for water closets … It is also capable of being constructed into a water mill”