Royal African Corps Bill of Exchange


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[003474] [Royal African Corps Bill of Exchange]. Bill of Exchange on Greenwood Cox to Reimburse the Local Agent Paying Wages in Senegal. Senegal: No Publisher, 1813. First Edition. 24mo (Oblong). Unbound. Receipt / Invoice. Good. Double sided manuscript receipt, approximately 260mm x 130mm in size.

Lightly browned, slightly creased, a few small chips and tears, but generally complete and fairly clean.

Dated 23rd January, 1813 and issued in Senegal, this is a bill of exchange on Greenwood Cox & Co. (the army agents), for the sum of one hundred pounds sterling, to reimburse the local agent paying wages to the soldiers of the Royal African Corps in Senegal. The reverse has a certification of the current rate of exchange by the ‘principal inhabitants and merchants of Senegal’.

The Royal African Corps was established in 1804, originally raised as the Goree Corps in 1800, to defend the Island of Goree in Senegal. It was composed primarily of prisoners, deserters and condemned men from the hulks