State of the Accounts


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[000172] [Defence of the Realm], State of the Accounts of the Treasurer for the Subscription in the County of Northumberland, and Town and County of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Entered Into 19th May, 1794, Towards the Internal Defence of the Kingdom, No Publisher, No Place, 1795, First Edition, Good. Unbound, 8vo (Oblong). Double-sided broadsheet, printed in landscape on one side and portait on the other, approximately 330mm x 200mm.

Slightly browned, one or two spots of foxing, with old folds, ‘County Subscr. 179A’ in ink to reverse.

Showing the income and expenditure of the local defences against invasion in and around Newcastle, including the erecting of beacons and new roads ‘for the speedy conveyance of Artillery’, the reverse is a list of debtors who have yet to pay their subscriptions.

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