What Are You Fighting For?


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[003686] Cauldwell, Jack. What Are You Fighting For? No Place: No Publisher, First Edition. Folio. Unbound. Broadside. Fair. Single sided printed broadside, approximately 400mm x 385mm in size, no publisher or place but see below, n.d. but probably early 1918

Browned, chipped to edges with some loss, a few small tears, slightly creased from having been folded in four, with many closed tears to folds to reverse

The text is written from a nationalist perspective, asking why British troops should fight for other countries’ war aims, “If the Frenchies really must have Alsace-Lorraine, very well, let them fight for it and good luck to them! … Must our British lads really further risk their skins for such far-fetched aims? Why not let all these other people attend to their own fighting … why ask our British lads to pluck these hot chestnuts from the fire for them?”

A rare and elaborate example of First World War German aerial propaganda which was dropped over British troops on the Western Front

Not found in JISC, but there is a copy in the Imperial War Museum (from where the information about it being aerial propaganda is taken)