[004107] [Hardy, Thomas] The Patriot. Addressed to the People on the Present State of Affairs in Britain and France. With Observations on Republican Government, and Discussions of the Principles Advanced in the Writings of Thomas Paine. Edinburgh: J. Dickson and G. Nicol, 1793. First Edition. 8vo. Hardback. Pamphlet. Good. [5], 2-76pp. Modern cloth, title and date in gilt to spine

Small nick to head of title and a couple of numbers in pen, lightly browned throughout

Not the shoemaker Thomas Hardy, of L.C.S. fame, but a Scottish Minister who was friendly with Henry Dundas. An attack on Paine’s Rights of Man, which finishes with “the happy state of man in political society, is under limited monarchy – mixed government – the British constitution”

All of the copies in the ESTC seem to be the second edition printed in the same year (which seems unlikely). Goldsmiths 15827 (second edition)